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Data Model

Main Elements

The minimum unit of information in Auravant is the Field. A Field can be defined only with a name and a polygon.

In turn, there is the Farm which is nothing more than a grouping of Fields and can only be defined with a name. The Fields must be assigned to which Farm they belong.

The Seasons are a group of labours carried out on a Field in a period determined by a yeargroup. In other words, by crossing a yeargroup and a Field, a Season is obtained.

Once a Season has been defined, Labors can be added to it.

Each labor has:

  • a type (Application, Sowing or Harvesting).
  • a status (Planned, Executed or Cancelled).
  • a list of associated inputs.
  • data specific to each type of labor.

Apart from the labour associated inputs, each user have an Input list. This list have a variety of inputs predefined by default. However, a user could add its own inputs which only the user will see.

These labours or activities can be grouped in Work Orders.

On the other hand, a field has associated Spots, Maps and Layers which do not depend on a specific campaign.

Data model Data model