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API Utilities

Convert to WKT

Allows the conversion of .KML, .KMZ or shapefiles into WKT (EPSG 4326), which are necessary for the registration of a field.

Content-Type: multipart/form-data
POST /api/utils/towkt

In the form include each file under the name:

  • files[]: file, file.

Example from POSTMAN with shapefiles:


In case of a KML or KMZ file, only one file is sent.

Response example:

"code": 1,
"envelope": [-59.9799656867981, -59.9682283401489, -35.8329711461622, -35.8241463744063],
"feature": "POLYGON ((-59.9799656867981 -35.8329711461622,-59.9799656867981 -35.8241463744063,-59.9682283401489 -35.8241463744063,-59.9682283401489 -35.8329711461622,-59.9799656867981 -35.8329711461622))"
Specific errors
2There is more than 1 polygon in the file. Currently, geometries of type MULTIPOLYGON are not allowed.
3No polygons in the file
4The geometry is not of POLYGON type

IMPORTANT: In case of receiving invalid files, the response will have a status code HTTP 400 and its body will not have an error code